Research Scholars

Mr. Singadkar Ganesh Sudhakar
Contact No: (+91) 8087887714
Research Topic: Automatic Lung Feild Segmentation in CT Scan Images.
Research Advisor: Dr. S. N. Talbar

Mr. Badgujar Hemprasad Yashwant
Contact No: (+91) 9730604834
Research Topic: Accelerating Identification and Authentification in E-Surveillance System.
Research Advisor: Dr. A. V. Nandedkar

Mr. Kamble Ravi Mukundrao
Contact No: (+91) 8149444558
Research Topic: Content Based Retinal Image Retrival System.
Research Advisor: Dr. M. B. Kokare

Ms. Ranjanikar Manjiri Arunrao
Contact No: (+91) 9503556550
Research Topic: Developement and Design of New Techniques for Face Recognition and Classification.
Research Advisor: Dr. U. V. Kulkarni

Mr. Gandhamal Akash Pandurang
Contact No: (+91) 9028751595
Research Topic: Volumetric Assessment of Articular Cartilage in Knee Osteoarthritis using MR Imaging. 
Research Advisor: Dr. S. N. Talbar and Dr. S. S. Gajre

Mr. Porwal Prasanna Pradeepkumar
Contact No: (+91) 9922553380
Research Topic: Automatic Retinal Image Analysis for the Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy.
Research Advisor: Dr. M. B. Kokare

Mr. Nagare Mukund Bhausaheb
Contact No: (+91) 7588013908
Research Topic: New Design Techniques of Wavelet Filter Banks.
Research Advisor: Dr. R. S. Holambe and Dr. B. D. Patil 

Mr. Asolkar Piyush Mangalmurti
Contact No: (+91) 9096763163
Research Topic: Computational Underwater Signal Processing for Tropical Regions.
Research Advisor: Dr. S. S. Gajre and Dr. Y. V. Joshi

Mr. Nilawar Aditya Pradip
Contact No: (+91) 9890318979
Research Topic: Geospatial Hydrological Modeling of Watershed.
Research Advisor: Dr. M. L. Waikar

Ms. Wankhade Sujata Bhimrao
Contact No: (+91) 9422287613
Research Topic: Non-Invasive method to detect human state of mind using EEG Signal.
Research Advisor: Dr. D. D. Doye

Mr. Jadhav Narendra Suresh
Contact No: (+91) 9423091564
Research Topic: Electroencephalography Based Emotion Analysis and Recognition.
Research Advisor: Dr. R. R. Manthalkar

Mr. Tambe Sagar Bhimraj
Contact No: (+91) 7588169570
Research Topic: Study and Implemetation of heterogenous protocol on wearable body sensor network for E-Health care monitoring system.
Research Advisor: Dr. S. S. Gajre

Mr. Sapate Suhas Gajanan
Contact No: (+91) 9158153311
Research Topic: Design and Developement of Algorithms for detection of Breast Cancer.
Research Advisor: Dr. S. N. Talbar

Mr. Baid Ujjwal Raghunandan
Contact No: (+91)9405777705
Email Id:
Research Area: Brain tumor detection using MRI.
Project Supervisor : Dr. S. N. Talbar